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Hi, my name is Curie Ganio and I created Native Me as a way to help others like you learn how to make your own fermented foods and beverages, implement them into everyday living, and discover how rewarding the process is.

Fermentation comes with so many perks. Flavor, beneficial microbes, nutrient content, bioavailability, and the elimination of food intolerances only scratch the surface.

Our ancient ancestors discovered most fermentation practices by accident, and they have been refined throughout history. Here’s a brief rundown on that if you’re interested. They did it without using any fancy tools, and so can we. Making fermented foods often requires things you already have in your kitchen.

Fermented Foods For Gut Health

Sadly, the majority of fermented foods have either disappeared from the human diet or are pasteurized to remove any beneficial microbes that were originally present. We have evolved from hunter-gatherers to consumers of convenience.

I won’t get all nerdy on you here and give you a science lecture. I don’t believe that I need to explain to anyone how badly processed food products have hurt our bodies, most importantly our gut health. The bottom line is, getting beneficial bacteria and real food into our bodies has never been more important.

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Not only can eating fermented foods greatly enhance your physical health, but your mental health will benefit as well. Humans are beginning to uncover just how important a healthy microbiome is for mental health. I also find it to be therapeutic and fulfilling.

Fall in Love With the Process

When I first began to experiment with fermentation, I had no idea how deep my passion for the process would become. This passion has only expanded since I began to use ingredients that I either foraged from the wild or grew in my own back yard whenever possible.

Connecting with nature and the world around me has become the biggest part of why I do this. If I can help you become even a fraction of how excited as I am about it, then I’ve done my job.

The Fear of Fermenting

I used to spend a lot of my time attempting to eradicate all the icky germs in the world. I’m guessing many of you reading this are, or were, in the same boat at some point. Some may even think that fermentation is an unsafe practice.

Learning how to use microbes as a tool to create delicious, probiotic foods and beverages of all sorts are not as scary as you think. Yes, there are germs out there that can hurt you, but I’m here to show you that fermentation is the safest way to preserve food.

Creating a Community

One of my favorite parts of fermentation is the community and relationships that it has created for me.

Share your starters, cultures, or SCOBYs with a friend or family member and teach them how to make wonderful things. Then watch them turn around and share it with others. It’s a beautiful thing to watch these practices spread and be brought back to life.

How I Can Help

My goal is to break things down for you into easy steps, inspire you to bring out your own creative process and style, and to educate you on all the ways fermented foods can enrich your life.

I also want to show you how to implement all your fermented food creations into everyday eating. As I build my posts I will keep this aspect in mind. It’s the one thing that I struggled to find resources and recipes for when I was starting out.

I hope that you will learn to love microbes and the process of making fermented food as much as I do. If you’re struggling or have any questions, please feel free to reach out. I’d love to hear from you and help in any way that I can.

If you want to get started with something simple, try my Sauerkraut recipe, or get ready for cold and flu season with this Honey Fermented Garlic recipe.

I’m excited to go on this journey with you! Happy Fermenting!

Curie Ganio

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